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Learning in Harmony Trust

Join the Learning in Harmony Trust

Join the Learning in Harmony Trust

We passionately believe that through working collaboratively across our trust schools we can ensure all of our pupils receive the very best possible education. 

Our mission is to have the greatest possible impact on society, and we welcome hearing from other schools that wish to find out more about joining us on that journey.

What will your school gain by joining the Learning in Harmony Trust?

When your school becomes part of the Trust’s family of schools you join a supportive and collaborative network of schools that are committed to mutual support and bound by shared values and a shared mission.  Being part of Learning in Harmony means:

  • Accessing and contributing to a deep well of expertise in school improvement, curriculum design and pedagogy. 
  • Working with our experienced and committed Trust Leadership Group and School Improvement Team
  • Accessing high-quality continuing professional development
  • Opportunity to participate in a range of career progression opportunities and initiatives
  • Participation in leadership and curriculum development networks
  • Access to high quality support from the Central Team, providing common business systems, policies and guidance

What is our approach?

Interdependence and collaboration has greater strength and impact than independence.  Our Learning in Harmony Trust schools are not standardised, the school uniform and school name doesn’t change.  Our goal is to ensure that pupils in our schools receive high quality input, relevant to the schools context,  from skilled and passionate educators.  

It makes more sense for infrastructure and systems to be aligned than any other aspect of our schools.  As such our strategy is that all schools within the Trust use the same technology, applications and software enabling us to be efficient and effective and work as one organisation.

Getting to know us

Our learning from our growth to date has been that developing an early relationship is key to a successful academisation.  From day one of your conversation with us we offer a transparent and supportive approach; we want to know how we can support your school as much as we want to know how your school can contribute to our development and leadership growth.  Your school team will be offered a range of opportunities to participate in our Leadership Network and Subject Networks and develop relationships with leaders from across our Trust.  Our aim is that by the time your governing body is ready to make a formal decision to join our trust that we have already built a strong relationship.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of joining Learning in Harmony further please reach out to Gary Wilkie, CEO via email