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Learning in Harmony Trust

About Us

 About Us

There are 10 schools in the Trust, split between the vibrant and multicultural capital city of London and the picturesque county of Essex. Our values unite us, and our differences provide more opportunities than challenges.

The Learning in Harmony Trust was established as a multi-academy trust on 1st September 2014. Since then, the Trust has grown from a group of schools based in Newham, welcoming schools from Southend-on-Sea in the years that followed, to the present day where we now cover the county of Essex and the city of London.

Timeline of the Learning in Harmony Trust

The founding members of the Learning in Harmony Trust were Sheringham Primary School and JFK Special School. They were joined by Upton Cross Primary School and Hartley Primary School in September 2015 and April 2016 respectively. In the Autumn term 2016, the Trust extended its activities to the Essex town of Southend-on-Sea with Blenheim Primary School and Greenways Primary School joining. Drew Primary School (Newham), joined us in January 2017.  Temple Sutton Primary School (Southend) joined on 1st September 2018. New North Academy (Islington) joined us in September 2019 and Edwards Hall Primary School in Leigh-on-Sea became our 10th member in December 2021. 

All of our schools are easily connected and the partnership has evolved over time to cover the county of Essex and the capital city of London. 

Our London based schools provide our staff with the opportunity to experience the diverse variety of cultures and leisure activities which make our capital city an exciting place to work.

Our schools in Essex enjoy the picturesque countryside and beautiful coastlines and offer our staff the opportunity to live in some of the most popular towns in the country, including Southend-on-Sea and Leigh-on-Sea.

For us, learning in harmony doesn't mean all schools have to be the same. We are proud to have both similarities and differences as schools, and see this diversity as a strength. We are bound together by our belief that, by working in partnership as one organisation, we can make a significant difference to the children and young people in our schools. 

We are keen to extend our partnership further, with other schools that share our values, and we expect to further increase our number of schools in the near future. As we do so we are determined to maintain and enhance a central structure that sustainably supports all our schools. We want to be big enough to do all the amazing things we want to do, but small enough to still know each other very well.

As a group and as individual schools, we continue to identify and share best practice externally and to use this to improve the provision for all pupils.  Internally, we see ourselves as mutually accountable for each other's schools, and therefore really engage in sharing, challenging and supporting each other - while still giving each one plenty of space to explore individually and retain each school's own very unique characteristics.

As in other Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), the Learning In Harmony Trust has taken responsibility for the running of its member schools from the local councils, and we are directly funded and overseen by the Department for Education.