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 "We are built on the shared values of our member schools and we work in harmony to achieve excellence for all." Gary Wilkie, CEO

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Our Academies

  • Diane Rochford, Executive Head Teacher at JFK Special School

    "This is a great opportunity for JFK to work in partnership with other like-minded professionals who care about improving the lives of young people. JFK staff are keen to develop a range of extended professional skills across the different settings, working in close collaboration with the staff from our other schools who have the same shared vision. It's a very exciting journey and one that sees benefits for both staff and pupils."

  • Bilan Yusuf, Chair of Governors at Hartley Primary School

    "Hartley joined LiHT in April 2016 and since even before then, we have benefited from collaborative working and sharing of expertise across Trust schools. As a governor, I appreciate how this collaborative approach of support and challenge is also seen across the different Local Governing Bodies. Being part of LiHT has enabled us to further improve our school, whilst at the same time still holding on to the values that make us Hartley."

  • Paul Quinn, Chair of the Board of Trustees

    "I am delighted to be involved with the Learning in Harmony Trust. Our unique approach to education sees all the schools working together in harmony, whilst also celebrating their own individual areas of strength and expertise. Working collaboratively with the established leadership teams at the member schools, we look forward to continuing our commitment to secure high levels of achievement for all students in our schools, regardless of their background"

  • Dan Ager, Deputy Principal at the Greenways Schools

    "At the forefront of the Learning in Harmony Trust is the energy and investment devoted to ensuring that employees can grow, develop and challenge themselves within the organisation. For me, the opportunity to work for a term at another Trust school gave me valuable experience of working with different leaders in successful schools. Creating the right environments for people to flourish is not easy, but the Trust make that journey as exciting and rewarding as possible!"