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 "We are built on the shared values of our member schools and we work in harmony to achieve excellence for all." Gary Wilkie, CEO

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Our Academies

  • Diane Rochford, Executive Head Teacher at JFK Special School

    "This is a great opportunity for JFK to work in partnership with other like-minded professionals who care about improving the lives of young people. JFK staff are keen to develop a range of extended professional skills across the different settings, working in close collaboration with the staff from our other schools who have the same shared vision. It's a very exciting journey and one that sees benefits for both staff and pupils."

  • Jim Robinson, Director at JFK Teaching School Alliance

    "All LiH Trust academies are members of the JFK Teaching School Alliance. JFK Special School was designated a Teaching School by the DfE in July 2018 and aims to support schools both locally and across the country to improve outcomes for pupils with special educational needs through a unique and bespoke program of support. Trust member schools not only receive lower rate access to TSA provision but there is also potential for their staff to be involved in some of the work we do, helping provide them with new and exciting career options."

  • Aaron Uthman, Chair of Governors at Drew Primary School

    "The Governance structure in place at the LiHT actively encourages and prepares new and experienced governors to become effective supporters and challenges within their schools. Through shared best practices, Drew’s governing meetings have now become invaluable, they are effective and engaging. The robust values of the LiHT are also shared amongst the values held dearly by Drew school and its wider community."